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Big changes to “Bodhidharma’s Eyes”

Hi all,

I recently decided to change the blog’s name from Bodhidharma’s Eyes to Bright Blue Bus, and as you can see the general theme is quite different now as well. While Buddhism is still a key focal point in my life and travels, it’s really a small part of my grander outlook on the world, and I no longer want the blog to appear as being an exclusively “Buddhist website.”

Rest assured spirituality related posts will still appear frequently, but these might just as likely be related to Islam, Hinduism, Coptic Christianity, Stoicism, Animism, or just about any whateverism you can think of. I also felt the old format and name had too much of a gloomy and serious edge; expect from now on a lighter, more humorous tone and a brighter, more fun outlook. Indeed, now that I’m living and working in Asia, that outlook has come naturally in my daily life and interactions.

And, to me, nothing embodies that vibe better than the brightly painted buses of Thailand, where passengers sing karaoke and share laughs as they ply along through the ever colorful Thai countryside (pictures of some of the buses coming soon!).

So feel free to hop on the bus and get lost in the world with me!

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Posted by David Luekens on November 16, 2011

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